• Maria V

What will be the dream tech & skill stack for 2021 and beyond.

Digital marketing has become a major part of modern consumerism and building your business. Providing more authentic content, leveraging chatbots and voice search, using social media marketing to a greater degree, and creating an engaging user experience are among the key trends to be aware of and use in 2021.

Marketing will become a technology hub on many levels. In-demand skills will cover fields such as data analytics, insights, user experience, customer experience, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to name only few.

  • A rise in authentic content marketing

  • Increased demand for chatbots

  • More widespread use of voice search

  • Greater focus on and use of data analytics to ascertain consumer intent

  • Expanded use of digital spaces to create and nurture relationships with consumers

  • Greater emphasis on providing an engaging user experience

  • Blockchain interlinked with e-commerce

Today’s top three tools used by marketers are email marketing, social media marketing and CRM. None of these make top 2025’s list however, in the next five to seven years, a lot of digital tasks currently performed by marketers will be done by artificial intelligence or Cobots (Digital Assistants). Currently, we already have AI tools that perform tasks along the RACE framework (Reach, Act, Convert & Engage) created by Smart Insights. Some tasks include personalised content creation, programmatic media buying, predictive analytics, ad targeting, dynamic pricing and chatbots.

It’s true—don’t get left behind. The new technology is coming and we need to be ready for it. Whether you’re just starting in your career or a veteran, these skills will help insulate you against the coming tech evolution.

So are you ready for the dawn of the Artificial Intelligence era?

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